The Bandit Intimidator 15XPC hand-fed wood chipper is an ideal option for tree care professionals, municipalities and rental companies looking for a compact, yet powerful 380mm drum wood chipper.

This powerful wood chipper is built stronger by using first-world quality components. The Intimidator 15XPC will outperform and outlast other 380mm drum wood chippers in Africa.

More compact package

The wide throat opening with its 610 mm diameter chipping drum weighs approximately 3.26 ton. The compact construction of the Intimidator 15XPC makes it easier to be towed by a bakkie, especially in areas where weight restrictions could be a drawback.

Chip limby material faster

The Intimidator 15XPC wood chipper features a 610 mm diameter chipper drum with four chipper blades and two in-feed rollers. The powerful feed-wheel motors easily pull and crush limby material entering the wood chipper.

The feed system that is positioned within a few cm’s from the chipper blades increases the effectiveness of the Intimidator 15XPC.

Lower maintenance

The heavy and reinforced chipping drum features four chipper blades, making two cuts per revolution. The chipping drum, Slide Box Feed System and assembly should last the lifetime of the Intimidator 15XPC, which is backed by ABC’s warranty.

Greater blade life

The Intimidator 15XPC has twice the number of chipper blades and provides twice the cuts of most competitors.

Bandit’s chipper blades do not dull quickly, therefore safe on maintenance costs and fuel consumption, as well as reduces vibration.

Higher quality chips per load

The Intimidator 15XPC throws wood chips with more force due to the pocket design, the larger drum diameter, smooth transition, smooth discharges and the patented Power Slot.

This means more wood chips per load and fewer trips to the dumping site. It also means chips from a Bandit wood chipper have better uniformity compared to rival machines, commanding higher prices when sold and making them easier to dispose of.

Chipper Unit

The chipper unit is manufactured at Bandit Industries, Inc. in the United States and then shipped to Africa Biomass Company.

Chipper Unit
Capacity381 mm
Opening450.85 x 473.08 mm
Feed Rate35 m/min
Production± 150 m³/day

Chipper Drum/Disc

Drum Unit
Diameter939.80 mm
Width476.25 mm
RPM± 1 538


All engine-powered hand-fed wood chippers is mounted on SABS-approved roadworthy trailers that is built at our workshop.

Technical Data
Axle Capacity3 500 kg
Hitch TypeCircle/eye hitch

Engine Options

Diesel Option
Power 75 kW / 100 hp
Fuel Capacity95 litres
Hydraulic Capacity45 litres


Technical Data
Width2.15 m
Length (closed)4.4 m
Length (open)5.1 m

Key Features

  • Rope/line shear device
  • Last chance cables
  • Operator safety control bar
  • Wood pusher paddle
  • Chipper hood with lock
  • Chipper hood engine disable plug
  • Hydraulic bottom bump bar (optional)