The Bandit Intimidator 19XP engine-powered engine hand-fed chipper is a powerful drum-style wood chipper that can easily handle big limbs, forked material and whole trees. It’s an extremely versatile wood chipper, with one large 400 mm diameter top feed wheel and 19XPC has the power to pull in the largest limbs and even whole trees.

With its solid steel welded construction, proven feed system, durable components, and chip throwing technologies, the Intimidator 19XP is a favourite for tree services needing a high-capacity wood chipper that’s easy to manoeuvre.

Maximise your production

The Bandit Intimidator 19XP hand-fed wood chipper easily handles limby material with its large throat opening and Bandit’s proven Slide Box Feed System. This system features powerful dual horizontal feed rollers 270 mm in diameter by 635 mm wide, powered by 63.9 CID hydraulic motors.

The feed rollers are positioned within centimetres of the chipping blades, effectively controlling trees and branches. This reduces trimming time and labour costs while increasing production.

The chain-driven top feed wheel combined with bottom feed wheel produces over 4.5 ton of pulling force.

Maximise your uptime

The Bandit Intimidator 19XP has a powerful drum reinforced with internal baffles. The rugged construction and heavy-duty components throughout the Intimidator 19XP help ensure long life and trouble-free performance.

Bandit realises what it costs when a wood chipper is down, and though Bandit can’t eliminate all downtime, the company do their best to minimise it. That’s why maintenance items are positioned for easy access.

Pack wood chip trailers

The Intimidator 19XP throws chips with more force due to the pocket design, the larger drum diameter, smooth transition, and smooth discharges. This means more wood chips per load and fewer trips to the dumping site.

Chipper Unit

The chipper unit is manufactured at Bandit Industries, Inc. in the United States and then shipped to Africa Biomass Company.

Techical Data
Capacity482.60 mm
Opening530.23 x 520.70 mm
Feed Rate
Production± 336 m³/day

Chipper Drum/Disc

Drum/Disc Unit
Diameter939.80 mm
Width558.80 mm
RPM1 080


All engine-powered hand-fed wood chippers is mounted on SABS-approved roadworthy trailers that is built at our workshop.

Technical Data
Axle Capacity
Hitch Type

Engine Options

Diesel Option
Fuel Capacity
Hydraulic Capacity


Technical Data
Length (closed)
Length (open)

Key Features

  • Rope/line shear device
  • Last chance cables
  • Operator safety control bar
  • Wood pusher paddle
  • Chipper hood pin with lock
  • Chipper hood engine disable plug
  • Hydraulic bottom bump bar (optional)