The Bandit Model 75XP disc style hand-fed wood chipper is an outstanding wood chipper for both tree services performing medium-sized tree trimming, and rental stores looking for a high-production, low-maintenance rental unit.

A wide throat opening and powerful horizontal feed wheels help this overachieving wood chipper process stubborn branches and small trees without difficulty. The durable construction means this wood chipper will withstand the daily stress of chipping for years to come.

Compact & powerful

The Bandit Model 75XP hand-fed wood chipper is easy to tow and manoeuvre, so even bakkies can easily pull this wood chipper to jobs. When it’s on the job, the Model 75XP can quickly and easily process a steady diet of trees, brush and pruning up to 178 mm in diameter.

Maximise your uptime

The most common maintenance items are easy to access on the Model 75XP wood chipper, so daily maintenance is quick and simple. Bolt-in chipper blades are easy to change through the wood chipper hood, and all service areas are conveniently located, including all grease points. A sloped in-feed tray allows material to flow smoothly into the Model 75XP wood chipper.

Powerful feed system

The powerful feed wheel system crushes and compresses limby materials. A 410 cm² displacement hydraulic motor has the power to pull long material into the Model 75XP, reducing the cost of converting trees and brush into wood chips by reducing the amount of sawing.

The perfect geometry

The Model 75XP wood chipper uses a chipping disc placed at a 90˚ angle to the in-feed opening, making it much more effective at chipping small diameter brush and viney material than other wood chippers in this class.

Chipper Unit

The chipper unit is manufactured at Bandit Industries, Inc. in the United States and then shipped to Africa Biomass Company.

Techical Data
Capacity180 mm
Opening305 x 180 mm
Feed Rate24 m/min
Production± 74 m³/day

Chipper Drum/Disc

Drum/Disc Unit
Diameter660.40 mm
Width19.05 mm
RPM± 1 950


All engine-powered hand-fed wood chippers is mounted on SABS-approved roadworthy trailers that is built at our workshop.

Technical Data
Axle Capacity1 600 kg
Hitch Type2 000 kg ball coupler

Engine Options

Petrol Option
EngineBriggs & Stratton (Vanguard)
Power 26 kW / 35 hp
Fuel Capacity45 litres
Hydraulic Capacity26.50 litres
Diesel Option
EngineKHM (Deutz)
Power 37 kW / 50 hp
Fuel Capacity45 litres
Hydraulic Capacity45 litres


Technical Data
Width2.00 m
Length (closed)3.80 m
Length (open)4.40 m

Key Features

  • Rope/line shear device
  • Last chance cables
  • Operator safety control bar
  • Wood pusher paddle
  • Chipper hood with lock
  • Chipper hood engine disable plug
  • Hydraulic bottom bump bar (optional)