Tree care professionals, municipalities and rental companies seeking a compact, yet powerful 305 mm capacity drum chipper turn to the Bandit Intimidator 12XPC PTO hand-fed wood chipper.

Weighing approximately 2.2 tonne and only 4.1 m long (closed), this unit is extremely towable and manoeuvrable, and the powerful Bandit drum features four chipper blades to quickly chip through large limbs and branches.

Together with Bandit’s solid construction, this will help ensure that the Intimidator 12XPC PTO will stand up to the stress of daily use and outlast all other 305 mm capacity drum wood chippers on the market.

Supercharge your production

Bandit wood chippers are easier to feed, so you’ll be more productive during the day. Bandit’s unique Slide Box Feed System and powerful 432 mm wide by 191 mm in diameter dual horizontal feed rollers crush and compress material, easily guiding it to the drum.

Pack wood chip trailers

Bandit is known throughout the industry for packing wood chip trailers to their maximum capacity, reducing the number of trips to the dumping site. Bandit wood chippers feature smooth discharge transitions, eliminate restrictions and deep chipper blade pockets propel wood chips with tremendous force.

Reduce your fuel costs by up to 30%

The Intimidator 12XPC PTO wood chipper’s drum turns at a lower RPM with greater torque, and the synchronised feed system never underfeeds or forces material against the drum. The result is a more efficiently fed wood chipper that reduces idle time, and translates to fuel savings by up to 30 percent.

Chipper Unit

The chipper unit is manufactured at Bandit Industries, Inc. in the United States and then shipped to Africa Biomass Company.

Techical Data
Capacity304.80 mm
Opening431.80 x 361.95 mm
Feed Rate35 m/min
Production± 150 m³/day

Chipper Drum/Disc

Drum/Disc Unit
Diameter609.60 mm
Width476.25 mm
RPM± 1 530


Technical Data
Axle Capacity3 000 kg
Hitch TypeCircle/eye hitch


Technical Data
Tractor Power45 – 75 kW / 60 – 100 HP
Tractor RPM± 1 530
PTO RPM± 540
Hydraulic Capacity45 litres


Technical Data
Width2.15 m
Length (closed)4.10 m
Length (open)4.80 m

Key Features

  • Rope/line shear device
  • Last chance cables
  • Operator safety control bar
  • Wood pusher paddle
  • Chipper hood with lock
  • Hydraulic bottom bump bar (optional)