The Model 1680XP horizontal grinder is a great machine for light site-clearing operations and for those operators looking to turn trees, brush, leaves, sawmill residues and pallets into mulch and fuel wood products.

This compact machine is easy to transport and makes an excellent machine for regrinding chips into mulch.

Produce more uniform mulch at a lower cost

Due to the controlled bite produced by a special raker head on each cutter body, The Beast® 1680XP cuts more than grinds, so the energy needed to break materials down is significantly reduced, reducing the shock load to the mill and the entire machine.

As a result, fuel consumption per tonne of material processed is significantly reduced and the machine will handle larger material without the need for operators to break it apart before processing.

With a multitude of teeth to choose from, you can select the system that best fits the material that you are processing and your desired end-product.

Add utility for site clearing and yard applications

A self-propelled Model 1680XP adds great benefits to all operations in that you can take the machine to the trees in site clearing applications, and you can position the machine in yards without the need of an additional towing vehicle.

The self-propelled version features the proven CAT 312B undercarriage and a radio remote-control that allows the operator feeding the 1680XP to control all functions of the machine.

Electric-powered machines reduce operating costs in the right applications

In applications where the unit can remain stationary, such as sawmills, pallet recycling, some mulch yards and biomass plants, electric-powered units will significantly reduce energy costs.

Africa Biomass Company has a team to assist in providing the motors, starters and electrical components.

Produce a screened wood chip

A chipping drum option is available for the Model 1680XP, converting the unit into an effective whole-tree chipper, roundwood, and sawmill residue chipper.

The chipping head produces a standard 19mm chip, ideal for the biomass industry. The chipper head is also a great option for converting high-density plastic pipe into recyclable plastic chips. A chipping blade option is available for the standard grinding head.

Discharge conveyor is available for filling open-top trailers

The 9.14m discharge conveyor is available for filling open top trailers and discharges to a height of just under 4.6m.

The unique, all-steel in-feed conveyor and the powerful 500mm diameter x 1.3m wide feed-wheel yoke efficiently folds and feeds material into the 1321 x 457 mm in-feed opening.

Chipper Unit

Technical Data
Capacity457.20 mm
Opening1321 x 457 mm
Cutter Mill
Drum Diameter660.40 mm
Width1320.80 mm
Feed Wheel Diameter508 mm (1)


In-feed Conveyor
Width1.32 m
Length2.13 m
Discharge Conveyor
Length4.57 m
Width1.22 m


Towable Undercarriage
Axle Weight5.4 tonne
Tyres8x 235/75R 17.5″
Track Undercarriage
TypeCAT 312B


Towable Option
Power205 – 261 kW /
275 – 350 HP
Track Option
Power223.71 kW / 300 HP
Electric Option
Power149 – 224 kW /
200 – 300 HP
Tank Capacity
Fuel Capacity264.98 litres
Hydraulic Capacity302.83 litres


Technical Data
Length11.07 m9.14 m
Width2.49 m2.49 m
Height3.78 m3.78 m
Weight± 11.34 tonne± 13.38 tonne

Key Features

Used by:Processes:
• Tree services
• Plastic recyclers
• Waste wood recyclers
• Clearing contractors
• Biomass energy producers
• Municipalities & other governmental agencies
• Stumps
• Logs
• Whole trees
• Brush
• Wet leaves
• Landscape waste
• Pallets
• Housing demolition
• Sawmill waste
• Storm cleanup waste
• Railroad ties and telephone poles
• AG waste (hay, straw & cane grass)
• Heavy-walled plastic pipe