The most popular machine in The Beast® lineup is also one of the most popular reduction machines in the world. With a 1524 x 889 mm opening, the Model 3680XP horizontal grinder is in a class all of its own when it comes to production, fuel efficiency, durability and producing a truly amazing range of end-products.

Choose between Bandit’s patented cutter mill with either 60-tooth or 30-tooth configurations.

Create valuable products

Equip your Model 3680XP horizontal grinder with a variety of teeth and screens to meet your specific end-product specification. This machine can be set up to take your waste wood and convert it to a valuable product that customers will pay top dollar for!

As your needs change, so does your Model 3680XP horizontal grinder. Configure everything from the in-feed speed, mill configuration and screens to meet your specifications.

Maximum uptime

The Model 3680XP is built to stand up to any daily grind. Solid steel welded construction and the industry’s best components combine to create a machine professionals can trust to perform.

When you need parts or service, turn to Africa Biomass Company who is ready to offer our support.

Produce more, pay less

The Beast Model 3680’s patented cutter mill utilises a unique cutter body holder that regulates the size of the cut. The result is a more uniform product using less energy to process material. This results in savings in fuel, wear and tear, and most importantly – time – because you get the right size on the first pass.

Go-anywhere track mobility

A Caterpillar 325EL steel track undercarriage can be added to the Model 3680XP. This feature allows it to travel over rough terrain not accessible by towable units. It also eliminates the need to forward or skid material to the grinder – the operator can take this horizontal grinder to the trees.

Chipper Unit

Technical Data
Capacity889 mm
Opening1524 x 889 mm
Cutter Mill
Drum Diameter914.40 mm
Width1 320.80 mm
Feed Wheel Diameter609.60 mm (1)
Feed Wheel Width1 524 mm


In-feed Conveyor
Speed548 – 1 311 cm/min
Width1.52 m
Length6.10 m
Discharge Conveyor
SpeedUp to 224 m/min
Width1.22 m
Length9.14 m


Towable Undercarriage
Axle Weight3x 11.34 tonne
Tyres4x 235/75R 17.5″
Track Undercarriage
TypeCAT 325EL


Power328.11 – 596.56 kW /
440 – 800 HP
Fuel Capacity1 136 – 1 893 litres
Hydraulic Capacity529.96 litres
Track Option
Power563 – 782.98 kW /
755 – 1050 HP
Fuel Capacity1 136 – 1 893 litres
Hydraulic Capacity529.95 litres


Technical Data
Length11.89 m10.67 m
Width2.97 m3.45 m
Height4.12 m3.79 m
Weight29.48 tonne34.02 tonne

Key Features

Used by:Processes:
• Tree services
• Plastic recyclers
• Waste wood recyclers
• Clearing contractors
• Biomass energy producers
• Municipalities & other governmental agencies
• Stumps
• Logs
• Whole trees
• Brush
• Wet leaves
• Landscape waste
• Pallets
• Housing demolition
• Sawmill waste
• Storm cleanup waste
• Railroad ties and telephone poles
• AG waste (hay, straw & cane grass)
• Heavy-walled plastic pipe