Ultimate projects call for ultimate solutions, and the Bandit The Beast Model 4680XP horizontal grinder is ultimate in every sense of the word. Its massive 1143 mm grinding capacity and engine options up to 895kW attack material, converting the largest piles of brush, whole trees and construction waste to a valuable end-product in record time.

Using an oversized version of The Beast’s patented cutter mill, the Model 4680XP combines the highest levels of production and performance with exceptional efficiency. From lumber mills to municipalities all around the world, the Model 4680XP horizontal grinder is the no-compromise recycler professionals turn to when they need the best of the best.

Extreme processing capability

The Bandit Model 4680XP horizontal grinder can accept trees and logs nearly 1.2m in diameter. It can accept extremely large volumes of brush and logging slash, and problematic chunk wood is easily devoured.

The wide throat opening on the 4680XP also means it can out-produce every other horizontal grinder on the market, creating up to 730m of wood chip mulch per hour.

Downturning cutter mill produces higher value product at a lower production cost

The Beast’s down-turn cutter mill utilises cutter bodies shaped like a chainsaw tooth. The raker in front of the tooth regulates the size of the cut, creating a product that is more uniform in size and consistency.

Whereas most competitive grinders have upward turning mills, The Beast cutter mill turns down to work with gravity instead of against it and the feed system.

This design provides smoother operation with less vibration and is much less likely to throw material out of the in-feed, and it allows The Beast to cut, split, grind or chip more material at a lower cost per tonne.

Convert the Bandit 4680XP horizontal grinder into a high production chipper

The large opening and the cutting and splitting action of the Model 4680XP process large diameter trees, stumps and chunk wood better than other grinders. The teeth on the standard cutter mill are easily replaced with The Beast chipper blades to produce a uniform screened chip, ranging in size from a 6mm “biosawdust” micro wood chip to a standard 19mm wood chip.

The Model 4680XP horizontal grinder discharges wood chips via the standard discharge conveyor to create piles or load open-top trailers. An optional chip thrower attachment is available to fully load end-opening chip trailers, or containers, with ease.

Products for multiple markets with one machine

The Beast 4680XP features a wide array of tooth and screen options to produce an impressive range of end-products. Create high-quality mulch in a single primary grind and re-grind from a wide variety of materials, including urban green waste, pallets, sawmill and logging residues, and site clearing waste.

Private contractors, governmental agencies including municipalities, townships and local governments produce prime landscaping mulch, playground mulch and coloured mulch with the colouriser option.

Equipped with The Beast chipper blades, the Model 4680XP produces high-quality wood chips used in the biomass markets.

Towable and self-propelled to conquer any work site

The towable Model 4680XP horizontal grinder comes with a standard 5th wheel hitch for transport. The self-propelled track machines are ideal for site and land clearing and operations in difficult terrain where towable machines just can’t reach.

The track models are also favoured in large yards or landings where moving towable units is difficult and time consuming.

Diesel engine options up to 895kW, the Model 4680XP easily has the power to handle the toughest jobs.

Process difficult material better than others

No other horizontal grinder on the market can handle difficult-to-process material like The Beast. The down-turn cutter mill combined with the wide 1524mm in-feed opening, powerful in-feed conveyor and feed wheel easily handles large brush bundles, vine material and bulky chunk wood.

The in-feed features multiple speed controls and an auto feed system that reverses material when engine RPM drops. The Model 4680XP can also be equipped with a proportional feed system that automatically adjusts feed speed to match engine load.

Chipper Unit

Technical Data
Capacity1143 mm
Opening1 524 x 1 143 mm
Cutter Mill
Drum Diameter1143 mm
Width1600.2 mm
Feed Wheel Diameter812.80 mm (1)
Feed Wheel Width1 524 mm


In-feed Conveyor
Speed548 – 1 311 cm/min
Width1.42 m
Length3.18 m
Discharge Conveyor
Width1.42 m
Length7.77 m


Towable Undercarriage
Axle Weight4x 11.34 tonne
Tyres16x 11R/22.5
Track Undercarriage
TypeCAT 325EL


Towable Option
Power596.56 – 894.84 kW /
800 – 1 200 HP
Fuel Capacity1 892.71 litres
Hydraulic Capacity757.08 litres
Track Option
Power596.56 – 894.84 kW /
800 – 1 200 HP
Fuel Capacity1 892.71 litres
Hydraulic Capacity757.08 litres
Electric Option
Power261 – 372.85 kW /
350 – 500 HP
Fuel Capacity
Hydraulic Capacity757.08 litres


Technical Data
Length14.02 m10.97 m
Width3.51 m3.51 m
Height4.11 m3.81 m
Weight± 41.73 tonne± 44.68 tonne

Key Features

Used by:Processes:
• Tree services
• Plastic recyclers
• Waste wood recyclers
• Clearing contractors
• Biomass energy producers
• Municipalities & other governmental agencies
• Stumps
• Logs
• Whole trees
• Brush
• Wet leaves
• Landscape waste
• Pallets
• Housing demolition
• Sawmill waste
• Storm cleanup waste
• Railroad ties and telephone poles
• AG waste (hay, straw & cane grass)
• Heavy-walled plastic pipe