The Bandit® Model 2650SP is an outstanding mid-range stump grinder with standard 4WD and aggressive diesel engine options for power. It rides on dual drive wheel with flotation tires and grinds with an extremely wide cutter swing. The Model 2650SP is well-equipped to handle big stumps, however it also provides excellent flotation to gently traverse delicate lawns and manoeuvre in close quarters for smaller removals.

Maximum uptime

The Model 2650SP’s main advantage is the maintenance friendly hydrostatic direct-drive system. Powerful hydraulics operate the cutter wheel, turning quickly through stumps and chasing roots well below grade.

Hydrostatic direct-drive systems eliminate costly routine maintenance on the chain drive and belt drive systems, so operators are more productive at the end of the day.

Outgrind the competition

Impressive grinding dimensions add to the overall productivity of the Model 2650SP, allowing it to tackle stumps of all sizes. Cutting dimensions include a cutter swing of 175.30 cm, a cutting depth of 47 cm, and a cutting height of 83.8 cm, reducing the number of times the unit will need repositioned.

This means operators will spend less time repositioning their machine and more time grinding stumps – meaning more productivity and more profit.

Customise your machine

The Model 2650SP can be equipped with a variety of options to suit individual preferences and working conditions. Wireless radio control is available, allowing operators to control all machine functions from a remote location.

The optional grading blade makes cleanup a snap. Custom colours are available to perfectly match your new stump grinder to the rest of your fleet.

Cutter Wheel

Technical Data
Diameter53.3 cm
Cutter Swing175.30 cm
Cutter Depth47 cm
Cutter Height83.80 cm


Technical Data
Power50 – 55.2 kW / 67 – 74 hp
Fuel Capacity64.40 litres
Hydraulic Capacity94.60 litres


Technical Data
Length3.49 m
Width0.89 m
Height1.83 m
Weight1.73 t

Key Features

  • Beltless hydrostatic direct-drive
  • Petrol or Diesel engines available
  • Rubber debris curtain
  • Optional rubber track undercarriage
  • Optional wireless remote
  • Optional 4WD
  • Optional grading blade
  • Optional swing-out control