The Bandit Model ZT1844 stump grinder features all the power and performance of every Bandit stump grinder, but with feature that make it an ideal machine for rental companies or dedicated stump grinding professionals.

The wider swing arc covers more area when grinding at the stump. The taller grinding height and deep grinding depth means you can tackle larger stumps and chase the roots deeper into the ground.

The intuitive controls and zero-turn manoeuvrability make grinding stumps easy, no matter if you’re a seasoned professional or a rental customer.

Zero-turn tracks

The Model ZT1844 stump grinder rides on durable rubber tracks that easily take this machine across delicate lawns or through rough terrain. The tracks keep the grinder stable at the stump, and easily climb through chip piles to dig deeper into the stump. When the job is done, the track helps the machine climb quickly onto a trailer so you can get on to the next job.

Powerful EFI engines

Choose either a 19.76 or 28.34 kW petrol engine, featuring electronic fuel injection. These engines are easy to start, no matter your comfort level with small engines, making them a perfect option for rental companies or stump grinders who want to focus on the job and not an engine.

Intuitive controls

The Bandit Model ZT1844 stump grinder’s controls are mounted at the rear of the machine on a pivoting console, so no matter the position of the stump, you’ll be able to get an excellent view of the grinding action.

The sweep of the stump grinder is controlled by two levers on the console, and each track is controlled by independent levers.

Most productive stump grinder

The Bandit Model ZT1844 features an extremely wide 112 mm cutter wheel swing and is able to grind 30 mm below grade, so stumps are obliterated and the area is ready for replanting.

Tall stumps aren’t a problem for the Model ZT1844 either, with a cutter height of 56 mm.

Cutter Wheel

Technical Data
Diameter457.20 mm
Cutter Swing1117.60 mm
Cutter Depth304.80 mm
Cutter Height558.80 mm


Technical Data
Power19.76 or 28.3 kW
26.5 or 38 hp
Fuel Capacity26.50 litres
Hydraulic Capacity26.50 litres


Technical Data
Length2.44 m
Width736.60 mm
Height1.22 m
Weight644.1 kg

Key Features

  • Variety of engine options
  • Rugged and simple design
  • Lightweight, heavy-duty construction
  • Pivoting control panel
  • Powerful rubber tracks
  • Perfect for rental customers or seasoned stump grinding professionals