The ideal whole tree chipper for converting top from logging and site clearing operations into dimensional wood chips. The Bandit Model 3590 whole tree chipper transforms logging slash, site clearing waste and brush into a uniform, saleable wood chip product faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Superior production

The Model 3590 features Bandit’s unique in-feed system, which combines to create one of the easiest feeding whole tree chippers on the market. This keeps operators busy feeding the machine instead of repositioning material.

Fully load trailers

Bandit is known throughout the industry for loading wood chip trailers fuller and reducing the number of trips to the dumping site. Bandit’s whole tree chippers can do it without the need for engine power robbing, fuel drinking chip accelerators.

Maximise your uptime

Bandit whole tree chippers are constructed to withstand the issues arising from chipping every day, all day. Bandit use only the highest quality components and materials during construction to help ensure that your whole tree chipper will be ready to go to work when you are.

Built for you

Every Bandit whole tree chipper is built to order, with multiple options to fine tune the chipper for your job. Choose an engine, in-feed drive systems, remote options, loaders and drum options, and get the chipper you need.

Go-anywhere track mobility

A Caterpillar 325EL steel track undercarriage can be added to the Bandit Model 3590 whole tree chipper. This feature allows it to travel over rough terrain not accessible by towable units. It also eliminates the need to forward or skid material to the whole tree chipper – the operator can take the chipper to the trees.

Chipper Unit

Technical Data
Capacity762 mm
Opening1219.20 x 762 mm
Chipper Blades
Width152.40 mm
Length307.98 mm
Thickness15.88 mm

Chipper Drum/Disc

Drum/Disc Unit
Diameter939.80 mm
Width1 219.20 mm
RPM± 1 120
Shaft Diameter152.40 mm

Engine Options

Technical Data
Power563 – 783 kW /
755 – 1050 HP
Fuel Capacity1 324.89 litres
757.08 litres

In-Feed & Discharge

Feed Wheels (2)
Top Diameter400.05 mm
Top Width1 219.20 mm
Bottom Diameter269.88 mm
Bottom Width1 225.55 mm
Discharge System
3-position standard with manual crank swivel. Stationary swivel with hydraulic deflector


Towable Option
Axle Weight2x 11.34 tonne
Tyres8x 11R 22.5″ tyres


Technical Data
Length12.80 m
Width3.48 m
Height3.76 m
Weight29.03 tonne