More than 35 year’s of experience

Bandit Industries, Inc. was founded by Mike Morey Sr. in 1983.

Mike Morey, Sr. started a small company, called Foremost Fabrications in a small repair shop in a field near Mt. Pleasant in Michigan, USA.

Four years later, the company was renamed to Bandit Industries, Inc.

Since then Bandit Industries has manufactured wood chippers, horizontal grinders and stump grinders as well as whole tree chippers.

Bandit listens to their customers

The reason behind the start of Bandit Industries was due to the fact that Mike Morey Sr. was unhappy that the wood chipper company he used to work work did not listen to their customers.

Being in contact with most of the customers constantly, Mike heard and saw the frustrations they had with the wood chipper brand his customers used.

Mike took all the frustrations and ideas to increase the quality of the wood chippers to his bosses, but his ideas and frustrations were shot down.

This was the main reason why Mike left the wood chipper company and started Foremost Fabrications, later renamed to Bandit Industries Inc.

Advisors from all over the globe

Today, Bandit Industries has advisors from each country, which assist in making the Bandit brand better to manufacture wood chipper equipment for all countries and environments.

Willem van der Merwe, CEO of Africa Biomass Company, is such a technical advisor. The harsh African environment and hard wood is perfect to ensure that any Bandit wood chipper, horizontal grinder and stump grinder will withstand every other environment and type of wood.

Africa Biomass Company only uses Bandit equipment

It is no secret that Africa Biomass Company’s fleet consists of Bandit The Beast horizontal grinders. Willem compared other brands in South Africa with Bandit chippers and Bandit always came out on top.

To put it more clear, Bandit equipment is of high quality and performs wonderfully with the hard African wood and harsh Southern African environment.

Combining first-world technology and world-wide expertise with African simplicity

The main component of Bandit’s hand-fed wood chipper is manufactured in Bandit’s factory in the United States and then shipped to South Africa.

Once the main components arrive at ABC’s workshop in Worcester, South Africa, they are mounted on SABS-approved roadworthy trailers manufactured by ABC’s experienced manufacturing department.

Locally manufactured diesel and petrol engines is then mounted onto the chipper to ensure that these wood chippers are able to operate using petrol and diesel found in Africa.

Well-balanced wood chipper

The add-ons that Africa Biomass Company provides provides customers with a bell-balanced wood chipper that will outperform most other wood chippers in Africa.